Micro-prudentiality and financial stability


Given the high degree of importance of issues related to financial instability in modern economies, (financial, economic and social aspects), it is necessary the analysis of the microeconomic components that determine macroeconomic fluctuations, resulting in the visible financial instability. Thus, this paper aims to analyze the following aspects: financial fragility, as a measure of financial instability at the microeconomic level; micro-prudential regulation; microeconomic reform measures, which addresses problems related to capital, liquidity, risk management and supervision and market discipline. All these are integrated into the international Basel III framework of the Bank of International Settlements Regulations. In addition, the manner and the time of Basel III implementation of the capital and liquidity-related measures is very important. In addition, the paper aims to analyze the inter-connections and the compromises between capital and liquidity, trying to understand how the two are connected.


financial stability; micro-prudential regulation; Basel III; capital; liquidity; risk

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