Small Business Financing – an Economic Growth Stimulator

Lilia Ivas


Small business is an important lever for solving a whole complex of political, economic and social problems, taking into consideration its effectiveness in society. It attracts population to promote economic reforms, it fulfils the market with goods and services, it creats new job places, it grows entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial culture, developes a careful attitude towards property, forms a progressive structure of the national economy. We can deduce after the research in this article that as an independent and irreplaceable structure, the small and medium enterprise sector in Moldova constitutes one of the most efficient levers that contribute at solutioning the economic and social problems. It also is a factor which structurally transforms the economy, consolidates its economic base and its zones, fulfils in an accelerate mode the market with goods and services, attenuates the monopolism and favours competition development, implementation of scientific and technical achievements, the country's increasing export opportunities, providing new jobs to a large number of people .


small business; entrepreneur; competition; financing opportunities; commercial credit; venture type financing; leasing; franchising; financial mechanism

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ISSN: 2344-1321 (online)