Daniel Botez


In recent years, reporting requirements on the statutory audit have been revised and amended to increase the audit report’s communication value. In addition to the stipulations of the International Auditing Standards Package on reporting, revised and enforceable on 15 December 2016, the European Union issued the Directive 2014/56 / EU amending Directive 2006/43 / EC on statutory audits of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements and EU Regulation no. 537/2014 on specific requirements for the statutory audit of public interest entities, both of which were published on the same date, June 17, 2014 and with the same application deadline, June 17, 2016. These normative acts foresee increased requirements for the reporting procedure in the statutory audit. Thus, the Directive provides for additional content requirements for the audit report, and the regulation requires additional information in the report but also the issuance and provision of other reports by the auditor: report to the audit committee of the public interest entity; In some cases, a report to the public-interest entity's supervisory authority or to the auditor's supervisory authority, and a transparency report published annually on the auditor's website. Our article details this information with direct reference to the content of these European official documents.


European Directive regarding statutory audit; Public Interest Entities; Audit report

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