Strategies and politics of ocupational stress reduction – case study

Mihaela Sima, Simona Barsan



This work includes 2 parts: main theoretical elements and 1 case study. Theoretical elements define and explain concepts such as: stress, stress management, counseling and organizational change. In the case study these elements are applied on a research unit development. The reason for the analysis was the tense situation existing in the company. Work methodology included: observation, direct discussions with staff (in small groups) and the application of a questionnaire consisting of 6 modules. On that base, major dominant stressful manifestations were determined. Following the obtained results solutions have been proposed to management and employees. In the last part, there are presented the obtained results from the implementation of some of proposed solutions.


stress; management; counseling; organizational change; results

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ISSN: 2344-1321 (online)