Business Intelligence Systems in the business strategy - an approach to the Romanian reality

Dan Serghie, Ana Maria Balan


The Economics doesn’t mean an accumulation of disparate sciences, is a coherent set of related theories in the support of certain ideas from the schools of thought or arising from different research areas. In the Economics, the complementarities between practice and theory are potentiated first by utilitarian reasons and highlighted through the correlation between static systems with dynamic ones. The dynamism of the market today, the volatility given by the competitive environment, the disappearance or weakening of the entry barriers in a sector of activity, make the information to become the most important asset of a company. The access to information, especially analysis, reporting and forecasting in real time (management information) represent the condition and the scaffolding in the competitive environment from our days.


Business Intelligence; information; system; data; decision

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ISSN: 2344-1321 (online)