Management immunodeficiency from preuniversity educational system

Lucica Cristea (Mitican)



The educational system finds itself again in the middle of crisis. The quantic progress that people all over the world are waiting for, seems to have met the totally unprepared educational system. The globalization which has led to the increase of interdependence between economic and social systems makes this problem become a worldwide one and consequently, need a global solution. While the USA is looking for the „perfect” teacher and the „ideal” school, Europe is still trying to find methods for making the educational system more efficient. A contradiction rises therefore, between the role of school in society that is to form mature personalities, meant to contribute to the economic increase and, implicitly, to the development of society, and the decrease in importance of this activity to the level of any economic activity. The text aims at verifying the hypothesis according to which management immunodeficiency from the preuniversity organizations has the most powerful influence on the increase of crisis within the educational system. How was school plagued by this immuodeficiency? To what extent did the management of these institutions contribute to this? Can the efficient decision constitute a remedy in this situation? These are questions that we ought to address to ourselves, even if we are not be able to
find the best solution.


immunodeficiency; educational management; globalization; efficient decision

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ISSN: 2344-1321 (online)