Statistical analysis of the structure and dynamics of the number of students in public education over the past two academic years from Bacau


Bacau public university, represented by the “Vasile Alecsandri”University from Bacau, is the third such center in the region. With more than 7400 students, it represents 7.5% of North-East Region and 1.1% of the total country. The number of students registered in the academic year 2009/2010 a positive dynamic in total (11.9%, 792 students) than the previous year. For the university studies, the number of students increased by 5%, dynamics above average recording the Faculty of Sciences (58.3%), Faculty of Movement, Sports and Health (15.1%), Faculty of Economics (+ 13.3%). The students in the academic program stand for 73.5% of the total, from the masters programs 15.2%, from the postgraduate masters 9.2%, other postgraduate courses 1.5% and 0.6% doctoral school. In the last two years, over 3200 graduate students have completed the university.


students; graduates; bachelor degree; university master; postgraduate master; Phd; dynamic

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