Analysis of the Correlations Between Public Capital Investments and Economic Development in Romania

Anca Sava, Bogdan Zugravu


This article aims to address the correlations between public capital investments and economic development in Romania. Firstly, it presents a brief literature review on the subject proposed for analysis, under which it can be assumed that public capital investments have a positive impact on production, employment, private sector and thus contribute to economic development. Also, we found some heterogeneity of results across country, regions and sectors. Secondly, it analysis the evolution of public capital investments and gross domestic product during 2006-2009 and also tests the relationship between this two variables, using a correlation coefficient, based on data from the general consolidated budget provided by The Ministry of Public Finance and also statistical data on GDP from National Institute of Statistics.


public capital investment; economic development; the general consolidated budget

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ISSN: 2344-1321 (online)