Business Intelligence Systems Accounting Integration in Romania. a Comparative Analysis

Daniela Postolache (Males)



Business Intelligence (BI) systems have penetrated the Romanian market, providing a real decision support by integrating and synthesizing a large variety of information available in real time, anywhere in the world, including through mobile terminals. This study examines the BI solutions promoted in Romania through Internet sites written in Romanian, in terms of how the accounting information integration is done. Our paper highlights the most used economic and financial indicators and most often selected tools by BI systems developers to assist decisions. The writing bring forward the lack of transparency of the analyzed sites towards of configuration details of economic instruments, which we consider likely to delay the managers from Romania in order to become familiar with BI solutions, and it represent a weakness of this products promotion.


managerial accounting; knowledge-based systems; accounting systems; decision support systems; business intelligence

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ISSN: 2344-1321 (online)